Additional Safety Tips for New Buttplug Users

butt-plugThe use of a buttplug is not only pleasurable but actually feels extremely natural.

Still, sex toys are not considered part of traditional foreplay and lovemaking and many people feel nervous about using them. The reality is that you do not need precise instructions for safe, pleasurable use.

You just need to relax and do things intuitively so you and your partner can get the highest level of satisfaction. Of course, some practical advice can always help.

Buttplug Use Tips

There are two things which should not be present during buttplug play. These are abrupt movements and the use of lot of power. It is wrong to think that your partner will experience pleasure if the anal penetration is sudden and forceful.

This may even lead to an injury to the sensitive rectal walls. If you take things slowly, things will be much more pleasurable for your partner and for you as well.

It is a good idea for first time users to experiment with the toy on their own first. You will be able to get used to the sensation and do things at your own pace. Besides, when you experiment with the buttplug solo, you will be able to tell your partner exactly what you like. This can be quite beneficial for both partners.

Buttplug Hygiene Tips

It is best if each partner has their own butt plug or a complete set of these fabulous sex toys. That way, the transfer of any potentially dangerous microorganisms will be eliminated. Besides, both of you will be able to enjoy lovemaking even more.

It is true that after disinfection and proper cleaning the toy will be quite safe to use by the other partner but this will extend the play in time considerably and you will most likely lose the momentum which you have gained.

It is possible to use a buttplug not only for anal penetration but for vaginal penetration as well. There are many people who like experimenting once they get comfortable with the toy. This is a fine option provided that the plug is properly disinfected and clean after each type of stimulation. You need to use separate toys for vaginal and anal penetration during the same session to avoid the transfer of microorganisms and fluids.

Keep the main safety rules and experiment with the buttplug in a relaxed way which is comfortable for both partners. That way, the pleasurable experience is absolutely guaranteed.